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White Lotus Anti Aging 1.00mm Sensitive Skin Dermaroller

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Hypoallergenic Nickel and all metal free dermaroller system - Safe Skin Needling. Machine sterilised, fully safety tested medical derma roller in tamper evident packing. Microneedle Skin Rollers can increase transdermal absorption by up to 10,000 times in a single treatment (1).
White Lotus brings you a world first the first medical derma roller to use biocompatible polymer mi-croneedles! The micro needles are created together in a single mould for greater strength and sta-bility.

This skin needling roller is biocompatible so is better for the skin and vital for those at risk or nickel or other metal allergy. Nickel is found in varying proportions in standard microneedles and can be hazardous to many users. The White Lotus Anti Aging polymer micro needle skin roller is produced with the highest precision. It is machine sterilised using EO and then packaged in tamper evident packaging for your safety. The Microneedle roller is available as a derma roller, 0.25mm 0 5 mm model or a derma roller 1 0 mm model. 0.25mm - The 0.25mm roller is ideal for increasing absorption of products through the skin. With the right topical serums it is a perfect light anti aging treatment for the face hands or décolletage. Please note 0.25mm is not long enough to increase collagen production and a 0.5mm derma roller is more suitable for this. The 0.25mm roller contains 180 micro needles. 0.5mm - The dermaroller 0.5mm contains 340 micro needles and is ideal for facial anti aging, tired looking hands and the decolletage. This is the shortest micro needle length that induces the bodies own natural collagen. 1.0mm - The 1.0mm micro needle roller contains 180 microneedles and is the perfect dermaroller for scarring, stretch marks, cellulite, more intense anti aging treatments and hair restoration. This roller is stronger for breaking down existing misaligned collagen like that found in scars and stretch marks and then creating a whole new smooth layer of collagen in its place

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Brand White Lotus Anti Aging

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