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Boody Mens Work/Boot Sock - Black

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Super, heavy thickness for the heavy use in a pair of workboots or cowboy boots, or those après ski boots.  What’s best about that, though, is the fact that bamboo minimizes dampness, which means they feel better on your feet AND without that extra moisture you really do reduce the odour that can come form those situations. Treat yourself, and everyone around you.
women and men want undergarments that satisfy their desire for seamfree, form fitting underwear that feels great and is eco conscious. That’s why we designed Boody, with its incredible fabric that is up to 95% organic bamboo for a soft feel and breathable experience. Simple, everyday layering essentials.. Boody is naturally hypoallergenic so great for sensitive skin, antibacterial, anti fungal and odor-resistant. Bamboo retains these properties even after multiple washing. Boody is more breathable than cotton, making it a perfect choice for warm weather, travel, working out or just everyday comfort. Thermo regulating, breathable, anti bacterial,Eco Friendly and most of all ultra soft,super comfortable and friendly to the World around us. Boody bodywear fits who you are.
More Information
Brand Boody
Size UK 6-11
Material 80% Bamboo* 13% Nylon. 7% Spandex

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