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Original Organics 3 Tray Standard Tiger Wormery Black

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The 3 tray Standard Tiger Wormery is a simple and efficient way to convert your kitchen waste into liquid feed and rich organic vermicompost. Includes Tiger Worms, Coir Bedding, Lime Mix and Instructions
The easy-to-use Tiger Wormery has everything you need to start composting right away. Made from recycled plastic, the system operates very simply and harnesses the surface-feeding nature of worms living inside it, a great all round way of converting food waste into liquid feed and rich organic compost. Features Made from 100% recycled plastic Produce your own compost No worm handling necessary Simple to set-up and maintain Hinged lid makes adding waste easy Clean, modern design Robust, easy to remove trays Rainproof lid (no need for a Rain Cap) How it works As the unit fills, the worms follow the food upwards through the holes in the base of the trays leaving behind their rich organic compost in the trays below. By the time the top tray is full, the bottom tray is ready to harvest worm compost so you simply empty it and pop it back on top. You just keep the system going and the liquid fertiliser gathers in the chamber at the bottom where there is a tap to drain it into your watering can. What’s provided 1.5kg Lime Mix to neutralise acidity Tiger Worms Coir Worm Bedding Clean, modern design Levered tap, matching stand and lid with handle
More Information
Brand GM8
Size No
Dimensions 40 x 41 x 63cm high
Material Recycled Plastic
Nutritional Info No
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